Pennine Explorer Cruise – To Roaches

Part of the convoy leaving Stalybridge

Sunday 25th June 2017

The 12 boat cavalcade left the urban areas behind as it started the climb up the Tame Valley. 8 locks took the boats to Roaches Lock above Mossley and included a passage through the short Scout Tunnel. “I’ve really enjoyed the day and it brings back memories of an earlier trip when I was so struck by the  magnificent mill buildings set in the Pennine valleys’” observed Pat Stow of ‘Diligent Too’. In the comfortable surrounds of the Roaches Lock pub, Alan Stopher, Chairman of the Huddersfield Canal Society, showed the Impossible Dream film made in the run up to reopening of the canal in 2001. The well-made film has stood the test of time and, said Ray Butler of ‘Owl’, “it records the tenacity of those who stuck to their convictions when many doubted that the Huddersfield Narrow could be restored.”  Tomorrow (Monday 26th) will see the Explorer cruise reach summit level at Diggle in preparation for the Standedge Tunnel passage the next day.

Alan Stopher
Chairman HCS

A remarkable 17 boats moored below Roaches Lock.

Images by Alan Stopher

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