Navigation Restrictions on ‘East Side’

Two restrictions to navigation are currently in force in the Colne Valley on the ‘East Side’ of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

A hole has appeared in the stonework behind the off-side down stream lock chamber at Lock 30e. As a safety precaution until a repair can be made, the Canal & River Trust are asking boaters to give 24 hours notice of intended passage so that a member of staff can help them through.

The first picture shows the gaping hole at Lock 30e, with water flowing through it.

The second shows Terry Sigsworth preparing to open the gate with a rope to overcome the missing stonework.

Lock 22e leaks into the basement of the adjoining mill. The third image shows that refurbishment of the 1887 mill in the centre of Slaithwaite is well underway and it is not surprising that the leakage has become a major hindrance to the contractors.

Lock 22e

The canal will be closed at this point from 9th to 22nd  October 2017 to enable the lock wall to be sealed by pressure grouting. In the meantime a staff member or volunteers from the Canal & River Trust is assisting passage and ensuring that the lock is left empty after each use.

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